Fork of, a tool for conducting economic experiments and managing a laboratory.
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Building and Installation

The easiest way to build and install Labcontrol is to open the file with Qt Creator and build the project. Afterwards Labcontrol can be started by running the created executable file. To build correctly Qt5 has to be available and must be know to Qt Creator.

To work properly Labcontrol requires a file named labcontrol.json + the folder named icons (inside of data) in either /usr/local/etc/Labcontrol or /etc/Labcontrol or next to the Labcontrol binary. This directory must be created, the existing dummy file be copied there and afterwards be modified according to the laboratory's needs. All z-Tree executables should reside in sub-directories of /opt/z-Leaves following the naming scheme zTree_X.Y.ZZ.

Receipt creation requires at least one receipt template in /usr/local/share/labcontrol. The name of the header file should match the pattern NAMETHEHEADERSHALLHAVE_header.tex to be recognized.